mceWeather shows your present local weather and a forecast for the next days on your Media Center

mceWeather shows weather for your region on your TV or PC. The plugin provides data from all over the world (many locations can be shown, please just try if your next larger city can be found by the program). It shows the forecast for the next days and also shows you a satellite image of your country.

All weather data is provided by

Forecast red skin

The current weather conditions are shown with some interesting additional information.

Let the forecast show you, what the weather will be like the next days.

The look can be changed with themes to some other color-variations, like red for example.

The overview page shows the current weather and the forecast for the next days on one single page.

The plugin has many built-in satellite-images to choose from. If you find an image on another website that you would like to see as satellite-image in mceWeather, you could just add the url of the image to your list of satellite images.

There are several satellite-images choosable in the program, although we have not found images from all over the world. If you have an url to an satellite-image of your contry, just send us the url and we’ll include it into the plugin (if no copyright is on that image).

The language of the plugin can be chosen from different languages. It currently supports english, german, french, dutch, spanish, danish, polish and swedish.

mceWeather was designed for Microsoft Windows Media Center, but can be used on any other Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer® as well.

mceWeather also works on Media Center Extenders like Microsoft XBox 360 (requires connection to Windows Media Center PC)

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