eBay® on your TV – powered by Jaast

Browse, bid and buy on eBay® with your Jaast powered TV


You can now do anything you are used to do on eBay® via your computer while sitting in front of your tv: search, browse, bid and buy.
And you will never miss a good offer again when you are away from the keyboard. Just imagine sitting on your couch in the living room with your remote in the hand while you search, browse, bid or buy on eBay®! This is exactly, what Jaast eBay does. It brings eBay to your living room.

All you need is one of the tv sets that comes with preinstalled Jaast eBay (like Philips, Medion, Toshiba, Sony), a web-enabled set top box (like VideoWeb, Smart) or a game console like Nintendo Wii or a Microfot Xbox 360 (connected to a Media Center PC). We are working with some major manufactures to extend this list. So if your tv set is not yet in this list, stay tuned!


Net TV
Net TV
Net TV
my eBay
Net TV
Net TV
Item details
Item description
Item's images

Open NetTV on your Philips tv, SmartTV on your Toshiba tv or the similar section on your Jaast enabled tv by pressing the according button.
You will see a screen similar to this example.

Simply navigate to the “eBay powered by Jaast”-icon and open it.

Two features in this software are absolutely cool and unique:

#1: Get notifications directly on your TV (whatever you just do with your Windows Media Center like watching live TV, watching a DVD, …) if…

items you are watching in “my eBay” end in a few minutes
(minutes before alert is choosable)
you got outbid in an auction
someone has bought an item from your auctions
an auction for an item you are selling will end in a few minutes (minutes choosable)

You will never miss the end of an auction again because you are watching TV.

#2: See item’s location in Google Maps®:

You can see every item’s location worldwide in a map, in a satellite map or in hybrid view (satellite with map overlay). No additional software needs to be installed. You can zoom and pan the map just with your remote control to see the vicinity of the item’s location.

This works for every auction in the world if the seller has entered a reasonable item location that can be located by Google Maps®.

When you start Jaast, you will then see the start screen of the application, from where you can reach any section, control eBay and set Jaast functions up comfortably.

Every family member can even add his own eBay user account! You need to login to you eBay® account through Jaast if you want to use the full functionality like bidding and adding items to your watchlist. Some functions like browsing through eBay categories and items and the serach can be used without logging in to eBay.

And everyone can access “my eBay” through mceAuction. The sections “I watch”, “I bid”, “I won”, “I lost”, “I sell”, “I have sold” and “Unsold items” can be shown with all auctions in it. There is also a list available of auctions ending soon.

Browsing categories is easy and comfortably usable only via your remote control.

You can also search for any item you wish to buy by entering some keywords using your remote control.

All relevant information of an item is shown by the software:
View details of an auction…

…and read the description of the item before you decide to bid or buy.

You can see every image the seller has provided for the auction.


The Jaast platform goes beyond simple content providing, as we are fully eBay® certified, a user can login with his eBay login and place bids directly. This provides optimal user satisfaction and high usage rates.

Jaast can be implemented into any hardware solution connected to the internet and using a javascript enabled browser solution. Contact us for further information, if you are interested in a professional embedded solution for your hardware product.


Jaast powered by eBay is currently available on some tv sets like Philips, Loewe, Medion, Toshiba and some set top boxes like smart, VideoWeb. It’s downloadable for Windows Media Center and also available on game consoles like Nintendo Wii and Xbox360. We are working on getting Jaast onto more and more platforms. If your system does not yet has Jaast available, just contact the manufacturer of this system and tell them how cool Jaast is. Perhaps we can get Jaast on that system then too.


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